"Our son’s wedding was a day to remember.  Without Sooner Valet, the occasion would have been a disaster.  The venue only had parking available in fields of grass and it rained everyday the week prior to the wedding day.  Patrick assured us that he would have sufficient help to staff the wedding of 400 guests, be on site early, and stay as late as necessary to provide service .  Being aware of the commitment and trusting the professionalism of Sooner Valet, gave us peace of mind and allowed us to enjoy the wedding day.  Patrick and his staff were on site as promised, with umbrellas in hand, and stayed until every car had been checked out.  The valets arrived the following day, to assist tow trucks and others in finalizing any needs our guests may have had.  “Thank you” does not say enough to express the gratitude we have for Sooner Valet and the professional service offered to save the day!"



"Sooner Valet has added to my business by taking our great service and customer care all the way to the curb! Now our guests can begin to enjoy their experience the moment they step out of their vehicle, and we couldn't be happier about it."  

- Brady Sexton, owner | Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails


"I commend Sooner Valet for its services provided for the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art's Membership Party. Patrick and his staff were effective, organized, professional, and sharp in appearance. Sooner Valet enhances any customer service event!"

- Stephanie O'Hara | Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art


"We had the best experience working with Patrick and the Sooner Valet crew at our brunch event. They were extremely professional and our guests loved not having to worry about parking. I would recommend them for any event!"

- Mary Catherine Harris | Brides of Oklahoma


"Sooner Valet provided outstanding valet service for my company event. They were very professional and courteous and made me look good. I will definitely hire them for my next event."

- Joey Bess | Waddell & Reed